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DIVA'S DIVINE LAMB CHOPS     [print]  |  [comments]

legal Dijon mustard
dried Rosemary
salt and freshly ground pepper
a few drops of honey
finely minced fresh garlic
enough almond flour to sprinkle over all

1. Preheat the broiler. Spread mustard on one side of lamb chops, add salt, pepper and garlic.

2. Drop on honey. Sprinkle on almond flour and then rosemary.

3. Broil 8 minutes, turn and apply coating to uncooked side. Broil another 8 minutes.

4. Allow to stand 5 minutes for crust to set and juices get locked in.

I'm sharing my favorite lamb chop recipe ever which I created just for SCD. If it's two strongly flavored for children, do this for the adults and just broil the chops plain for the kids. Lamb has fewer stored toxins than beef.
You don't need to measure the ingredients as you are just going to be covering each side of each chop, not a large area.

Carol Frilegh
- Canada
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