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1-2 LARGE* zucchini, washed, split lengthwise, and seeds discarded.
*Large being baseball diameter or bigger. The bigger the better. I have to buy it at the farmer's market.
ground beef (may substitute any ground meat)
garlic, parsley, and oregano to taste
1 egg
tomato sauce
basil leaves

1. Stir together the ground beef, egg, garlic,parsley, and oregano.

2. Mound the beef mixture into the zucchini and place in frying pan. Mound it high, the mixture will compact while baking.

3. Pour tomato sauce over zucchini boats until mostly covered.

4. Add fresh basil leaves.

5. Cook on medium-low heat on the stove or in an electric frying pan until zucchini is soft and hamburger is cooked through, usually about an hour.

6. Extra meat does really well as meatballs.

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