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Friday, April 27, 2012

Autism Research InstituteThis Saturday, at the Autism Research Institute Spring Conference, Pamela Ferro will be giving a presentation titled: Gastrointestinal Pathology and the Use of the SCD and the GAPS protocol in ASD.

Her talk is scheduled as part of the Nutrition Session where Dr. Martha Herbert will give the keynote address.

For interested healthcare practitioners and parents in the Greater New York area, there is still time to attend the conference.  The panel has experts on autism diets and there will be a chance to talk about different aspects of each.

In addition the conference has hired Chris from Back on Tract, which specializes in SCD food, to prepare food for 250 people during the Nutrition session.

So if you have a chance to attend, it's definitely recommended.  Nothing will be sugarcoated*, including information on how already frazzled parents can change the diets of the pickiest of picky eaters.

* bad pun:)

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